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RxSight Technology for Cataract Surgery performed by Dr. Silk of Silk Vision

Dr. Silk Announces Light Adjustable Lens Testing for Cataract Surgery Patients

November 29, 2023   |  Posted By admin


“We're so excited and so happy to be able to offer our patients the greatest technology in cataract surgery,” says Dr. Wesam Silk.

Ophthalmologist giving an examination of the eyes in ophthalmology clinic before LASIK surgery

Quality Over Quantity: Small LASIK Providers vs. Big Clinics

October 26, 2023   |  Posted By admin

So, you've decided that getting LASIK surgery is a good choice for you. Now you have another choice between having it done by a small provider or a big clinic. Before you type "LASIK surgeons near me" into your search engine, you may want to think about who you want shooting lasers into your eyeballs.
Team of diverse medical doctors putting hands together in support of charity and working together. Unity and support concept.

How Our LASIK Surgery Center Partners with to Transform Lives

September 21, 2023   |  Posted By admin

Dr. Silk is a passionate and dedicated LASIK surgeon who has performed more than 16,000 eye surgeries throughout his career. Representing SilkVision, Dr.

Fitness couple stretching outdoors in park. Young man and woman exercising together in morning for their work out routine.

LASIK Surgery? When Can I Get Back to My Exercise Routine?

August 21, 2023   |  Posted By admin

Ready to Resume Exercise After LASIK Surgery? Learn About Recovery Time and Activities
A well-dressed businessman walks down the street, carrying his suitcase and talking on his smartphone. He is leaving the airport behind him, and he is clearly excited about his upcoming LASIK surgery. The image shows that LASIK surgery is a convenient and affordable option for people who want to improve their vision

The Rise of Destination LASIK: Combining Travel and Vision Correction

July 28, 2023   |  Posted By admin

Read about how and why Dr. Silk welcomes patients from all over the country and internationally to provide world-leading LASIK eye surgery. There are many benefits to working with his LASIK team.
Man traveling with suitcase and nice attire wearing eyeglasses. Smiling. Checking his phone. The Importance of Traveling for the Best LASIK Surgeon

The Importance of Traveling for the Best LASIK Surgeon

June 23, 2023   |  Posted By admin

When it comes to laser eye surgery, you want to make sure that your procedure is done with precision and care. That's why many people choose to travel in order to visit our center at Silk Vision—we’re known as one of the top-tier providers of LASIK in the country.
Image of an Implantable Collamer Lens against a teal color background-  Are ICL's Right for You?

Implantable Collamer Lenses: Are They Right for You?

May 23, 2023   |  Posted By admin

Implant collamer lenses are thin, soft lenses that are directly implanted in the eye. ICLs must be placed by an experienced LASIK surgeon, and they are not designed to be removed like traditional lenses. But are they right for you? Learn now.
Thoughtful adult woman with neck-length hair and thick eyeglasses in a polka-dot shirt is depicted with her hand to her chin, looking upwards as if contemplating something. This image is being used in a blog titled "Am I a Candidate for Refractive or Laser Eye Surgery?" to illustrate the process of considering whether to pursue these types of surgeries.

​​​​​​​Am I a Candidate for Refractive or Laser Eye Surgery?

April 20, 2023   |  Posted By admin

This discusses the factors that determine whether an individual is eligible for LASIK surgery. While LASIK can correct vision and eliminate the need for corrective lenses, it is not suitable for everyone. The article suggests several factors, including age, that need to be considered when determining whether LASIK is the right option
close-up of a woman's face, half with glasses, half without, and with better vision, with an eye chart in the distance to represent the blog you are reading titled "Is LASIK Permanent? How Long Does LASIK Last?"

Is LASIK Permanent? How Long Does LASIK Last?

March 28, 2023   |  Posted By admin

Lasik eye surgery is a type of laser eye surgery. The laser is used to reshape the cornea, which corrects refractive errors, including nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. We know that lasik surgery is highly effective in the short term, but what about long-term results?
A woman with a bright smile is holding a heart-shaped gesture with her hands up to her face.

How much does LASIK cost in 2023?

February 23, 2023   |  Posted By admin

Find out the truth about LASIK surgery costs in 2023. While some clinics claim to offer this procedure for less than $300, the actual cost is much higher. Read our full blog to learn why transparency about LASIK pricing is crucial and how clinics can avoid deceptive advertising practices.