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Is The EVO ICL Right For Me?

February 22, 2024  |  Posted By admin

Celebrity Endorser of EVO ICL Joe Jonas and his quote "with the EVO ICL lens, I no longer have to deal with the daily hassles of contacts and glasses."


Having problems with your eyesight can be quite challenging, but luckily, there are options available to correct your vision and make it easier to see clearly. Traditional options for treating eyesight complications include eyeglasses and contact lenses.

However, there are reasons why many people choose not to wear eyeglasses or contacts, which is why LASIK became an option.

LASIK, or laser eye surgery, is a procedure that corrects various eye imperfections. Eye problems that can be corrected through LASIK include astigmatism, hyperopia, nearsightedness, and more.

Another more advanced treatment for vision problems is EVO ICL. Here is an overview of EVO ICL, which can help determine if this cutting edge new surgery is right for you.

What is EVO ICL?

The EVO ICL procedure entails the placement of specialized lenses in the eyes. The lenses are called implantable Collamer lens, and they're attached to the inside of the eye.

Patients who undergo the surgery report a correction to 20/20 vision in at least one eye. Like LASIK, EVO ICL is quick and painless, only lasting about 30 minutes or less. This means that recovery time is quick, allowing patients to return to their normal activities within a day or two in most cases.

How Does EVO ICL Differ from LASIK?

When it comes to EVO ICL vs LASIK, there are some similarities as well as differences. The two procedures are similar because they're both FDA-approved procedures that offer safe and effective ways to correct vision challenges. There are several differences between these two procedures, and they are as follows:

  • Different Age Qualifications - The qualifying age is different for the two. LASIK requires the patient to be a minimum of 18, and there really isn't a maximum age as long as the patient's eyes are healthy, and the person is cleared by the ophthalmologist. To be approved for EVO ICL, patients must be between the ages of 21 and 45
  • Performed Differently - LASIK and EVO ICL are performed in completely different ways. LASIK entails the use of a specialized laser that removes some of the tissue surrounding the cornea. This reshapes the cornea, resulting in a reversal of certain vision problems
  • EVO ICL Doesn't Remove Tissue - Unlike LASIK, EVO ICL implants permanent lenses in the eyes to enhance vision
  • EVO ICL Has its Limitations - LASIK can safely and effectively reverse a number of different eye imperfections, while EVO ICL only treats myopia, or near-sightedness
  • LASIK is Cheaper - LASIK is more affordable, but people with thin corneas can't undergo this surgery, nor can those with high prescriptions


The EVO ICL Test

While this revolutionary new eyesight corrective surgery is effective for many patients, it's not an option for everyone. Before wasting your time going to see your ophthalmologist about EVO ICL, you can access a test online, which will help you determine if you're a possible candidate.

Keep in mind that even if the test indicates that you're a possible candidate, only an ophthalmologist can make the final determination after performing a thorough examination and medical history. 

This test consists of a quick questionnaire that can help you to easily determine if you could be a candidate for ICL EVO. Here are some questions that you can expect to see on this EVO ICL self-evaluation test?

  • How old are you?
  • Do you play any sports where glasses or contacts affect your performance?
  • Would your career or business activities improve if you were less reliant on glasses or contacts?
  • Have you been told you're not a candidate for LASIK?

Finding a Top-Notch Ophthalmologist

Finding a high quality ophthalmologist is important, even if you aren't a candidate for EVO ICL. The eye doctor that you see will perform a thorough examination and take a complete history. 

This will enable the ophthalmologist to determine whether you're a candidate for EVO ICL. Many people who weren't candidates for LASIK for whatever reason find that they're candidates for EVO ICL.

To find the best doctor, it's best to do your research on prospective eye surgeons. 

Not every ophthalmologist performs the EVO ICL procedure, so if you believe you're a candidate, and you want to have the surgery, you need to specifically search for eye surgeons with expertise in EVO ICL.

So, if you've taken the test, and you have determined that you're a possible candidate for the EVO ICL procedure, your next step is to schedule a consultation with an ophthalmologist who is trained to perform it. 


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