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How Our LASIK Surgery Center Partners with to Transform Lives

September 21, 2023  |  Posted By admin

Team of diverse medical doctors putting hands together in support of charity and working together. Unity and support concept.

Dr. Silk is a passionate and dedicated LASIK surgeon who has performed more than 16,000 eye surgeries throughout his career. Representing SilkVision, Dr. Silk facilitates state-of-the-art LASIK procedures in Silk Vision's very own LASIK center, located in Annandale, Virginia.

Teaming up with, Silk Vision is committed to making a contribution each year, already providing 350 life-changing advanced eye surgeries last year alone. This year, Silk Vision has a goal of providing 500 LASIK surgeries before 2024.

The Importance of Vision

Vision allows us to see and interpret the world around us using visual elements and indicators, transforming light and electrical impulse signals into visions and images. Vision can help navigate life, express feelings, and provide nonverbal communication. In some instances, vision can also protect from potential injuries. is an organization dedicated to curing blindness by providing patients with life-changing surgeries and in some cases, access to a necessary cataract specialist or ophthalmologist.

Our LASIK Surgery Center's Dedication

At Silk Vision, we are committed to providing state-of-the-art surgeries and technologies that are sure to improve the quality of life for each of our patients.

Restoring Vision with LASIK

LASIK surgeons today utilize advanced laser beams to reshape parts of the cornea to restore vision as best as possible. In most instances, LASIK surgery only requires approximately 30 minutes from start to finish.

Collaborative Efforts

The collaboration between Silk Vision and is helping to accomplish the goal of both organizations, which is to end blindness and restore vision.

Transforming Lives: Success Stories

- Troy

Unfortunately, Troy was suffering from keratoconus, a disorder of the eye that causes the cornea to bulge forward, disrupting vision over time if it is not properly corrected. Symptoms of keratoconus can range from blurring of vision, increased sensitivity to light, worsening of vision, and in some cases, even double vision. With advanced LASIK surgery, Troy now has 20/20 vision and no longer has the risk of losing his sight.


- Chris

Chris is excited to have his vision back and no longer needs to wear glasses each day!


- Gary

Dr. Silk recently assisted a highly decorated retired Major General in the US Army with recovering his vision.


Global Impact and its partners have completed more than 1,015,000 million surgeries globally while providing more than 13 million eye health screenings to patients in need.

Overcoming Challenges

Overcoming obstacles such as losing one's vision can contribute to building resilience, especially when learning to navigate life with reduced or lost vision.

Measuring Impact

Dr. Silk has already contributed more than 350 LASIK surgeries while working alongside this year. He intends to complete at least 500 or more before 2024, all contributing to Cureblindness.

Get Involved

Getting involved is the best way to give back to members of your own local community. Supporting and Silk Vision can help you give back to a cause that is important to you.


With Dr. Silk and Silk Vision teaming up to collaborate with, the partnership's transformative nature has allowed giving back in the name of ending blindness and restoring vision.

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