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What is the Average Cost of LASIK Surgery?

The average cost of LASIK vision correction can vary depending on a few factors, such as your prescription, the experience of the LASIK surgeon, and whether the center is using the newest and safest LASIK surgery technology.

At the Silk Vision LASIK center, our LASIK doctors take the time to understand your vision needs and craft a custom LASIK package tailored to you. Our patients typically spend an average of $2,300-$4,900. We understand this may seem like a lot to some of our patients. However, when compared to 10 years or more of new glasses and contacts, LASIK at Silk Vision LASIK Center is much more cost effective.

Even better, we offer 24 months of interest-free financing on LASIK at Silk Vision!

Bait & Switch LASIK Advertising

You may at one point have seen some LASIK centers advertising LASIK as low as $250 per eye. Providers promising these prices are using what’s known as “Bait & Switch” advertising, where they lure in patients with lower prices, only to raise them when their prescription does not qualify. Additionally, these advertised prices often don’t include the cost of pre- and post-surgery care and appointments. Providers that don’t factor total care into your estimated cost are doing you a disservice.

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State-of-The-Art LASIK Technology

As we stated earlier, the technology used in a given LASIK center will impact how much a patient pays for vision correction. The latest and greatest will increase the cost more than tech that’s a few years behind. However, the biggest price tag also usually means you’re paying for the safest and best-operating system.

At the Silk Vision LASIK Center, we offer cutting edge, bladeless technology. Our Contoura Vision system allows us to provide measurements and data specific to the patient’s eyes. We also provide refractive lens surgery with the WaveLight® EX500 Excimer Laser, which is the fastest platform available in the US. This allows Silk Vision to dramatically enhance the precision, reliability, and safety of the laser vision correction procedure.

Dr. Wesam Silk, LASIK Surgeon

In addition to technology, there’s also the human touch. Dr. Wesam Silk has been providing LASIK surgeries in the Northern Virginia area for over 20 years. Not only does this mean Dr. Silk is a skilled surgeon, but he also knows the ins and outs of LASIK surgery prep and after care, ensuring you have the best, personalized LASIK treatment.