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Quality Over Quantity: Small LASIK Providers vs. Big Clinics

October 26, 2023  |  Posted By admin

Ophthalmologist giving an examination of the eyes in ophthalmology clinic before LASIK surgery


So, you've decided that getting LASIK surgery is a good choice for you. Now you have another choice between having it done by a small provider or a big clinic. Before you type "LASIK surgeons near me" into your search engine, you may want to think about who you want shooting lasers into your eyeballs.

The Importance of Quality Over Quantity in Healthcare.

Quality vs Quantity means more in healthcare than anything else. If you go for quantity over quality while buying oranges maybe you won't get the best oranges, but you'll have a lot of them. However, you only have two eyes and that's all you're ever getting. Value-based care will focus more on individual patient outcomes than the volume of services provided. If you have astigmatism or need cataract surgery you will certainly need a personalized approach.

The Personalized Approach

A small eye and LASIK center will be better equipped to provide personalized care and pay more attention to detail. It's like the argument for smaller class sizes. When a class is small, the teacher can help explain the lesson one-on-one with a struggling student. When a LASIK vision center has fewer patients to focus on, they can focus on the tiny details. It makes it easier to see the patients as separate individuals rather than just numbers on a door. 

A tailored treatment plan benefits the patient greatly by minimizing the harmful side effects of a trial-and-error style of disease treatment. It can not only lead to more successful outcomes but contain healthcare costs.

Let's look at some of these real people. Lisa and John B. greatly appreciated being treated as people of importance and not just numbers. Jennifer C. had been told by other LASIK providers that she just wasn't a good candidate for the surgery but Silk Vision with their top of the line technology gave her what she always dreamed of. Michael M. was glad to be treated as a priority.

Building Strong Patient Relationships

Any LASIK vision center can do eye surgery, but it's the small LASIK providers that excel in building strong, long-term patient relationships. The above testimonials are proof. People who get personalized treatment are more likely to be happy with their service and thus come back for repeat service and recommend it to others. 

In fact, one perk of a small and stable practice is fostering a strong rapport, as the surgeon generally manages the entire family's eye care. An intimate and personalized experience is really what every patient wants. Even if their case is textbook, people just want to be treated like, well, people!

Jennifer Chi, for example, was appreciative of her nurses' bedside manner throughout the procedure. Michael M. and Samantha Neuhalfen liked how Dr. Silk explained everything to them so they could better understand the procedure and what to do afterward. 

Siriluk J. C. noted how thorough Dr. Silk was in the eye examination and loved how polite and courteous everyone was. Mitzi Toney really liked being treated as an individual with personalized service.

Comparing Quality and Quantity

Big clinics tend to forget that they are clinics taking care of people. Smaller clinics can give a more personalized approach to patients. Because a large clinic has so many patients, there's going to be a considerable wait time. On average, the wait time for a new patient is 26 days. In family medicine, the average is closer to 20.6 days.

Affordability and Transparency

Small LASIK providers often offer competitive pricing and transparent fee structures. When you choose a smaller provider, affordability is not compromised. What's more, the surgeons are local people, so there's no waiting for anyone to fly in from the other side of the state, or even from across the country as some big chain LASIK centers are known to do. In fact, at Silk Vision, Dr. Silk can help you and your family from the very beginning. There is no waiting for a different surgeon to step in half way through the process because Dr. Silk will be with you for the whole journey!

Expertise and Experience

Small LASIK providers are just as experienced and qualified as their larger competitors. In fact, you may find that smaller teams are more focused. You know what they say about too many cooks spoiling the broth.

Cutting-edge technology in Compact Clinics

You'd be surprised to learn that small providers often invest in the latest technology. The more advanced the equipment, the better the results. For instance, Silk Vision recently started using the Light Adjustable Lens. (LAL) This gives the doctor the ability to change the prescription of the lens even after surgery. 

If you prefer the idea of an implant to removing corneal tissue, maybe Visian ICL is for you. If you want a lens that's customizable after cataract surgery, ask about RxSight.

Community Connection and Local Involvement

Small LASIK providers play a role in the local community through local sponsorships, events, and other initiatives. Silk Vision has partnered with to provide 350 eye surgeries in one year to those in need. In 2021, they were selected as a Nextdoor Neighborhood favorite business.


So in review, here are the advantages of choosing small LASIK providers:

  • More personalized care
  • Shorter wait time
  • A better doctor/patient relationship
  • Less expensive
  • More cutting-edge technology


With that in mind, do consider quality and personalized care when making your LASIK surgery decision, and contact for a free consultation today.

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