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Is LASIK Surgery Possible for Keratoconus Patients

Is LASIK Surgery Possible for Keratoconus Patients?

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Learn how Dr. Silk uses advanced tools and techniques to carefully assess corneal health and provide an accurate diagnosis.
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Keratoconus Treatment - Video by Dr. Silk

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Did you know Keratoconus affects 1 in every 2,000 people living in the U.S.? If you're unfamiliar with the disorder, Dr. Silk has created a video explaining what Keratoconus is and how we treat it at Silk Vision.

Keratoconus. Normal cornea and cone shaped cornea. Anatomy of the human eye. Vertical section of the eye and eyelids. Schematic diagram. detailed illustration. for biological, science, and medical use.

Learn about Keratoconus and the Cross-Linking Procedure

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While you might not yet have heard of keratoconus, it is the most common form of corneal dystrophy.

Logo for National Keratoconus Foundation World KC Day Nov 10

November 10 is World Keratoconus Day!

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This November, join Silk Vision in our celebration of World Keratoconus Day.