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Computer Vision Syndrome

Little boy with glasses uses tablet computer

How Screen Time Affects Your Child’s Eyesight

  |  Posted By admin

“How much screen time should I allow my kids?” is a question that has been asked since the introduction of family TVs and, later, computers.

Young woman ruddying dry eyes in discomfort

When to See a Doctor for Dry Eyes

  |  Posted By admin

Dry eye syndrome is a group of symptoms caused by poor tear production. Not just made up of water, tears also contain mucus and oil that help lubricate and protect the surface of your eyes from injury or infection.

Man pinches the bridge of his nose in pain after using computer

Do Blue Light Glasses Actually Work?

  |  Posted By admin

Whether you work from home, are attending virtual learning sessions, or just spend your free time browsing the Internet, you may have experienced a sense of fatigue after a while of looking at your screen.