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What Does an Ophthalmologist Do?

December 21, 2021  |  Posted By admin

What Does an Ophthalmologist Do?

Ophthalmology is a unique and ever evolving field of medicine. The doctors that practice this - ophthalmologists - can encounter a wide variety of circumstances in their day. For anyone interested in entering the field or if you’re just curious about what your doctor does all day, we asked our center founder, Dr. Wesam Silk, to take us through a typical day in the life of an ophthalmologist.

A Day in the Life of an Ophthalmologist

Dr. Silk arrives at work shortly before opening at 8 am. As patients begin to arrive, they’ll be seen first by the front desk staff and then the medical assistants. The work of these team members allows Dr. Silk to focus on treating the patient's needs effectively. As an ophthalmologist, Dr. Silk sees an average of 10-15 patients all before lunch.

Prior to implementing COVID health and safety protocols in the office, the Silk Vision & Surgical Center staff would often enjoy lunch together. They would have catered lunch or go out as a group to a nearby restaurant. Nowadays, when he’s able to take a break between appointments, Dr. Silk enjoys taking a quick walk around the sports and recreation field across the street from the Annandale office.

After lunch, when he’s not meeting with patients, Dr. Silk is often or planning out any cataract or LASIK surgeries happening the following week. This allows him time to determine the best approach and order any necessary equipment if the center does not already have it handy.

Silk Vision & Surgical Center closes its doors to patients at 4:30pm. This gives Dr. Silk and the rest of the team time to wrap up any pressing tasks before departing for home.

Beyond Ophthalmology

While everything above it is rather typical for other ophthalmologists and their schedules, Dr. Silk also has the added responsibility of being the owner of the practice. He likes to think of it as having three hats to wear: one for being a doctor, one for being a business owner, and one for staff management. We described his doctor’s responsibilities above, but what about the others?

Business owners take on a lot of responsibility to ensure the business runs smoothly. In the case of Silk Vision & Surgical Center, this can mean maintaining the office, it’s supplies and equipment. This can also mean troubleshooting whenever things aren’t working as intended.

Lastly, as the head doctor, Dr. Silk recognizes how important it is to cultivate and maintain the culture of their workplace. Leading by example, Dr. Silk likes to celebrate the people he works with and keep the focus of his work on helping his patients live their best life. Serving this deeper meaning of why is what keeps the team coming into work everyday, and that  makes for an awesome eye care center staff.

While you could consider this a broad overview of the day in the life of an ophthalmologist, the truth is their days can vary wildly. If you’re considering a career in ophthalmology, Dr. Silk recommends it to those who like to work with their hands, are maybe a bit of a nerd, and aren't squeamish when it comes to eyes.