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Seven Signs You Have a Cataract

October 7, 2019  |  Posted By admin

Close up of a senile cataract during eye examination.

Cataracts, which are cloudy areas that can form in the lens of your eye, are a common concern dealt with by many Americans as they age. The best way to be prepared in case cataracts affect you is to be aware of the signs; cataracts have many distinct effects on your sight. Keep reading to discover some of the most common signs that you have a cataract!

1. Blurry Vision

As a cataract grows and begins to have a greater effect on your sight, your vision might become more and more blurry over time. At first, things could seem a bit fuzzy, then, as time passes, the impact could become greater. 

2. Increased Sensitivity to Bright Lights

Certain types of cataracts can make you much more sensitive to bright lights; you might feel pain in your eyes when you are exposed to intense glare.

3. Difficulty Seeing Clearly at Night

Cataracts darken as they become advanced, so as time passes, it might become more difficult to see in the dim light of night. This will especially impact your ability to perform certain important activities such as driving at night.

4. Rings Appearing Around Lights

Another sign that could impact your ability to drive is the possibility of rings or halos appearing around every bright light. This distracting and confusing symptom is caused by the diffraction of light through the cataract.

5. Frequent Prescription Changes

Rapidly-changing eyesight is a great indicator of cataracts; if you notice frequent changes in your prescription, contact your eye doctor rather than just opting for a different strength of reading glasses.

6. Reduced Ability to Differentiate Between Colors

The proteins in your eye may change color due to cataracts, thus tinting all of the light that is registered by your eyes. This might make everything appear to have a yellow tint, changing the way you see and differentiate between colors.

7. Seeing Double

Double vision can have many causes, including cataracts. This could occur due to diffraction in the lens of your eye.

I’ve experienced some of these signs. What should I do?

If you are affected by a cataract, there are fantastic treatment options for you; cataract surgery is safer than ever, and continues to advance. At Silk Vision & Surgical Center, we are well-prepared to help customize your treatment plan and potentially restore your vision. Contact  us or book an appointment online today!