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Dry Eye: Where Does It Come From?

September 16, 2019  |  Posted By admin

Image of older man in front of computer rubbing his eyes.

Dry eye is a very common problem that affects Americans of all ages, but particularly those over the age of 50. Despite its treatable nature, it can be a nuisance that, depending on severity, prevents patients from performing some daily activities such as reading or using electronics. Knowing the sources of dry eye is essential in becoming familiar with this common condition.

Understanding Dry Eye

Dry eye occurs when the eye’s ability to produce properly lubricating tears is hindered. This can also cause inflammation of the surface of the eye, which could lead to severe consequences if left untreated. The condition can be either chronic or temporary. This depends on the patient’s characteristics and habits. 

Potential Causes of Dry Eye

There are a myriad of potential sources of dry eyes, but narrowing it down can be simple if you are familiar with your own health history and eye profile. For example, certain medications can prompt dry eye as a side effect, and it could also be the result of skin conditions or other diseases near the eyes. Pregnant women and those on hormone replacement therapy experience elevated risk for dry eye. Contact wearers frequently suffer from dry eye syndrome.

Along with these temporary causes for dry eye, it could also result from a more long-standing condition, leading to chronic dry eye. Many conditions ranging from allergies to immune system disorders could potentially prompt issues with dry eyes. Blepharitis is inflammation of the eyelids and is frequently associated with dry eyes. It is one of the major causes of dry eye syndrome. At Silk Vision, when we treat blepharitis with the blephex system the dry eye syndrome improves. 

Just as there are many potential causes of dry eye, there are also many potential treatments. If you think you might be suffering from dry eye or any other issue, it is always important to consult with a medical professional to find you the care you require. Silk Vision Center is a great option for all of your eye health needs. Don’t hesitate to give us a call at (703) 876-9700 or schedule an appointment online today!