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Does Botox Help with Headaches and Migraines?

May 10, 2022  |  Posted By admin

Botox Injectable Cosmetic surgery procedure

If you get migraine headaches, chances are that you have tried several drugs to control them. And if your doctors have tried several prescription drugs to control your migraines, chances are that they haven't worked very well, have caused intolerable side effects, or haven't made any difference at all. Botox may be the medication that finally makes a difference.

The FDA approved OnabotulinumtoxinA, better known as Botox, as a treatment for migraine headaches in 2010. It is not a treatment for mild cases of migraine. The FDA guidelines specify that Botox is indicated for the treatment of patients with chronic migraines, and who have them for four hours or more on more than half the days every month (more than 5 days a month).

For people who have this level of migraines, Botox may bring relief. Botox isn't something you get to relieve a migraine headache, rather it prevents migraines before they start. Treatment takes about 10-15 minutes and you get it about once every 3 months. Botox treatment for chronic migraines can sometimes be covered by your insurance.

Botox is administered by injections with tiny needles into muscles just beneath the skin of the face, head, and neck. Botox stops pain signals from your brain, acting as a pain blocker. You may feel improvement after 4 weeks with full effect after two treatments.

About half of people who get migraine headaches begin to have more migraine-free days after they have had two rounds of injections. After five treatments, that number rises to about 70 percent.

Botox won't stop every migraine headache, but it should give you more days that you are migraine-free. Botox is only approved for treating migraines, not other kinds of headaches, such as cluster headaches.

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