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Anti-Aging Procedures: How to Know Which One is Right for You

November 28, 2018  |  Posted By admin

Image of female face with a doctor's hands making lines near eyes for cosmetic surgery.

Our bodies change with age, sometimes too quickly and in unwanted ways. While the aging process is similar in all human bodies, each person experiences aging in a slightly different way. Scientists have developed many techniques, products and procedures that can slow the aging process, but there are no one-size-fits all solutions. Fortunately, there is a wide variety of anti-aging procedures to fit nearly every need.

How to Determine the Best Anti-aging Procedure to Fit Your Needs

1. Determine which areas need addressing

If you are like most people, you first notice the signs of aging in your eyes and forehead. Using a mirror in a well-lit area, look for “crow’s feet” at the outer edges of your eyes and “frown lines” between your eyebrows. Check for facial lines appearing across your forehead. Be aware of “parentheses,” which are the pair of lines that extend from your nose down to your mouth, and “marionette lines” that extend from the corners of your mouth to your chin.

2. Do your research

Learn about the various treatments available. Blepharoplasty can be performed for the upper eyelid to correct sagging or for the lower eyelid to help remove the lower lid puffy bags. A brow/forehead lift gets rid of heavy brows and erases forehead wrinkles and frown lines. TempSure Envi is a non-invasive treatment that works to rebuild collagen to tighten loose skin and diminish lines/wrinkles.

Certain topical products may help return elasticity to aging skin.

Injectable medications, or simply “injectables,” may be right for you. Injections of neurotoxins, such as BOTOX® Cosmetic, Xeomin, or Dysport, into the muscles around your eyes can temporarily improve the appearance of crow’s feet and reduce frown lines. These injections may also improve the appearance of moderate to severe frown lines between your eyebrows. Dermal fillers can help diminish facial lines and restore volume and fullness to limit early signs of aging in your face.

3. Talk to an anti-aging specialist

An anti-aging specialist can evaluate the effects aging has already had and recommend a treatment designed especially for you. Your anti-aging specialist will consider a variety of factors, such as your specific signs of aging and your desired outcome, when making this recommendation. Aging is complex, so your anti-aging specialist can also provide you with valuable information on how to slow the aging process.

Knowing which anti-aging procedure is right for you when you have the information you need and the help of an anti-aging specialist you trust. Count on Dr. Rajjoub at Silk Vision & Surgical Center to give you the best recommendations for your skin.