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5 Ways to Prepare for LASIK

June 18, 2018  |  Posted By admin

5 Ways to Prepare for LASIK

We tell our patients all the time that there is no need to worry about the LASIK procedures. It’s a fast process for most people that involves little to no pain. Results are also almost immediate! Most of our patients can see significantly better immediately after the surgery when they get off the surgical bed.

Nonetheless, anxiety is common, and in this post we will discuss the ways to prepare for the surgery. Learning how to properly prepare for your upcoming LASIK surgery will help relieve some of the anxiety you may be feeling in weeks leading up to your scheduled procedure. To help put your mind at ease and get you fully prepared for your upcoming procedure, we will highlight five of the most common things clients do to prepare for LASIK surgery.

Put the Contact Lenses Away

Contact lenses are designed to alter the shape and overall measurement of your cornea. That is how they correct your vision. Unfortunately, these changes and alterations to your cornea can lead to incorrect measurements that can cause potential problems with your LASIK surgery.  

To avoid any potential problems with your procedure, your surgeon will recommend that you prepare for LASIK by avoiding contact lenses. The amount of time you will need to avoid contact lenses will vary depending upon what type of contact lenses you wear and whether or not you have astigmatism.

Recommended time to avoid contact lenses is as follows:

  • Hard contact lens wearers – Stop using contacts four to eight weeks before the scheduled procedure date
  • Soft contact lens wearers – Avoid using contacts a week before LASIK surgery
  • People with astigmatism – Time needed to avoid wearing contacts will vary from three weeks for anyone who wears soft contacts to between four and eight weeks for those who prefer hard contacts.

Plan What You Will Wear on the Day of Your LASIK Surgery

Take time to carefully plan out what you will wear to your appointment for LASIK. Some things you will want to consider when picking out clothing are:

  • Choose something comfortable as you will be sitting still for prolonged periods of time
  • Choose something that isn't too tight around the neck and head area as it will make it easy to take off after the procedure
  • Don't choose an outfit that has animal hair, glitter, or loose fibers as those can fall off and get in your eyes

Take the Appropriate Amount of Time Off Work

After your LASIK surgery you won't need to be bedridden for weeks on end. However, you will need to take some time to rest and let your body heal. Make sure you request the appropriate amount of time off of work so you aren't putting your health at risk.

Requesting the appropriate amount of time off work is especially important if you work around chemicals, loose particles, or outdoors as dirt and dust could get in your eyes and cause problems with your procedure. It is important to make sure you not only take the appropriate amount of time off, but that you take any precautions when you do return to work to protect your eyes.

Arrange for a Ride Home After Your LASIK Surgery

Immediately after your procedure your vision may be blurry (though most of our patients find that their vision is immediately clear!) and you may feel tired from the sedative used. This prevents you from being able to drive yourself home after your procedure. In order to prepare for LASIK you will need to arrange to have a friend, family member, or neighbor drive you home after your surgery. If you are unable to secure transportation, you may need to reschedule your procedure until you can find reliable transportation.

Plan on Eating a Light Meal

Unlike other surgical procedures, you will be allowed to eat prior to your LASIK surgery. You won't want to eat a huge meal, but it is a good idea to eat something light as it will keep you full throughout the day and prevent you from getting too fatigued after the procedure.

Take a Deep Breath

LASIK is a very safe and minimal procedure that takes very little time. Do not worry about the process. There is little to no pain involved, and most of our patients see nearly instant results! Not only this, but the cost for LASIK is very reasonable when compared to other forms of surgery. We can help you calculate the cost of LASIK vs the cost of glasses and contacts over your lifetime. You will be surprised at the investment quality of LASIK. Relax and remember that this is an easy improvement in your quality of life!

These are just some of the things you will need to do to prepare for LASIK. If you have any questions about what you need to do to prepare, feel free to call our office. We will gladly answer any questions you have about how to prepare for LASIK. Remember, this surgery is nothing to fear. We find that LASIK is worth it for most of our clients with vision problems. This can be the day you stop wearing glasses and contacts!