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"I highly recommend Dr. Silk!"

"I had a weekend emergency with my right eye. I had gotten some debris that had been implanted in my cornea. Early Saturday morning, Dr. Silk had agreed to me meet at his office off hours and he removed the debris. I am very grateful that he came into the office on the weekend to take care of my eye emergency. I was in his office for a few minutes and he removed the debris. I highly recommend Dr. Silk!"

Patient Testimonial

"I've been telling folks how great he is."

"Dr. Silk has been wonderful during the past three years I've been seeing him.  At my last visit he said I didn't need to see him about my corneal transplants again unless I experience difficulty. I've been telling folks how great he is. I never had a problem or complaint with Dr. Silk or with any of the folks who assist him.  It was a good experience all around."

Robin Forman

"Kind, compassionate, and caring."

"My regular ophthalmologist referred me to Dr. Silk for a bacterial infection that caused a severe corneal erosion. Three other doctors had told me I would lose the sight in that eye. My eye looked like a rotten tomato when I came to him. Dr. Silk not only saved the sight in that eye, I have very minimal scarring. He is not only a fantastically skilled doctor; he explained everything about the treatment so I could, even in my frantic state, easily understand it. He even met me in his office on a Saturday and Sunday during the treatment regime because he wanted to closely monitor the situation and didn't want it to wait until Monday when the offices reopened. He was kind, compassionate, and caring."

Tammy Lucas

"Incredibly polite and efficient."

"First of all, although it’s not a walk-in type clinic and the office was full I was admitted on an emergency basis and was offered to wait. It took me just 20 min (!!!) before the Dr. Silk helped me. Second, while waiting in the lobby I noticed how busy the front desk lady was: she had to respond to non-stop phone calls (2 lines) and greet the patients and process their paperwork. She was incredibly polite and EFFICIENT. Third, Dr.Silk is a very nice person and my case (foreign body stuck in the eye) took us 5 min from Hi to Bye including thorough examination and the foreign body removal. So I am sure none of awaiting patients cursed me =)For the first time in the last 2.5 years living in VA I was happy to pay co-pay since that was an extremely EFFICIENT visit! "

Yulia Lopardina

"Made a definite improvement in my vision."

"I recently completed a cross-linking course of treatment as a study participant under Dr. Silk’s care. The treatment itself was exactly as expected from my own research and made a definite improvement in the vision of the affected eye. Dr. Silk and his staff are very helpful and professional. The cross-linking procedure for my Keratoconus has given me options for further corrective eye procedures that were not previously recommended for my situation. I recommend Dr. Silk’s office to anyone looking to do cross-linking in the future. "

Michael Blackwell

"We couldn’t have been more pleased with the care he provided."

"Dr. Silk is very thorough and professional. We were referred from an urgent care center and he was able to see us the same day. He explained everything he was doing and why and we couldn’t have been more pleased with the care he provided."

Emily Goodall

"I highly recommend!"

"I was referred to Dr. Silk by my regular optometrist when I recently lost the vision in my left eye due to a severe contact lens scratch to my cornea. Dr. Silk prescribed a combination of medications that started my vision restoration within a week, and I’m continuing to recover. I’ve never waited for more than 5 to 7 minutes to be seen by Dr. Silk, once I arrive for my appointment; he’s very time-efficient, so visits to his office don’t negatively impact my busy day! I highly recommend!"

Kim Kasmeier

"Great doctor!"

"Great doctor! He makes you feel comfortable and explains things to you! The girls at the front desk are super nice! I recommend Dr. Silk to anyone! "

Abia A.

"I recommend Dr. Silk without reservation."

"I was referred to Dr. Silk by my optometrist when my eye was at a crisis point! Dr. Silk and his office manager, Nicole, were immediately responsive to my situation and provided medical advice and emotional support. I was impressed (and greatly relieved) when Dr. Silk went the “extra mile” by providing me with his cell phone number, which I did need to use on Thanksgiving Day. Again, Dr. Silk was immediately responsive providing a connection with a backup physician who saw me within two hours on a holiday! Because my health is impacted by being on chemotherapy for breast cancer, Dr. Silk coordinated with my oncologist to address any complicating considerations and to ensure the pending surgery for a cornea transplant was scheduled at the best possible time between treatments. Prior to the surgery, Dr. Silk was very sensitive to selecting the best possible tissue from the cornea bank. In his follow-up to the surgery, he has been very accessible and supportive. I have appreciated his thoroughness, thoughtful decision-making and sensitive approach to my individual and unique situation. In addition, the attitude of caring and concern exhibited by the office manager has also contributed to a very positive feeling throughout this journey. I recommend Dr. Silk without reservation."

Jan Mulvaney, Ph.D

"To anyone seeking expert vision care, I highly recommend Dr. Silk."

"Dear Dr. Silk,

It has been my good fortune to have been referenced to your care for my recent cataract operation. As you know, I had a large cataract in my left eye that seriously impaired my vision. Being unable to distinguish colors to perfection was my main concern since I have been an artist for over 50 years and a certified teaching in the fine art of China Painting since the 1970’s.

You performed the surgery on my left eye on March 18, 2008, at the Inova Surgical Center. Your operating technique was totally painless and was performed with the ultimate care and sensitivity. Throughout the surgery, you kept me informed of your profess and reassured me at every step of the procedure. Also to be commended are the staff at the Inova Surgical Center. This team was very professional and excelled in making me feel secure and comfortable before, during, and after my surgery.

Beginning the day after surgery, your post-operative care has been outstanding. You have been most helpful in assessing my recovery progress. You have also been a candid and honest advisor on the macular degeneration that also affects my left eye. Unlike many doctors who would immediately recommend proceeding with surgery on my right eye to remove the cataract there, you suggested a re-evaluation of my condition in December 2008 to determine if further action is required and would be beneficial. Given the positive progress since the procedure on my left eye, you have provided me with a proper eyeglass prescription that I have been able to fill at an eyeglass center close to my home.

Also, I would like to recognize and thank Nicole, your Office Manager, for her graciousness. At every visit, she has made me feel at home. She has been very congenial and ensures that my appointments are planned to suit my needs. She also follows-up with me the day prior to my appointments to ensure that I am still able to attend each scheduled visit.

To anyone seeking expert vision care, especially people that require complex eye surgery of any kind, I highly recommend Dr. Silk and the Silk Vision Center. I can personally assure you that his knowledge, his surgical abilities, and his pre and post-operative care are all outstanding. His techniques are state of the art and his willingness to provide candid feedback and advice will ensure your satisfaction. He has met and exceeded my every expectation. I’m sure he will do the same for you!"

Laura Jean Andrews

"Very professional and pleasant."

"The front office staff were very professional and pleasant. The office was very professional and decorated very lovely. Dr. Silk explained the entire procedure and even talked with my son about the procedure and my concerns as well. Dr. Silk was very helpful and very attentive during the procedure and especially after the procedure.

I would like to take this opportunity to once again thank you for the fantastic improvement in vision obtained as a result of my recent cataract surgery. Prior to surgery, my vision was severely limited even with eyeglasses. After the surgery, I no longer require glasses for daily activities and can see better than I have for many years. I had worm eyeglasses since high school.

Your staff and the staff of the Fairfax Surgical Center were excellent during the course of my treatment and surgery. I could not have asked for better results."

Lance D. Gardner

"Excellent job."

"The surgery was about what I expected but the results were beyond belief. So much involved in so little time. Excellent job.

I had been told by two other doctors that I would lose the use of my eye as a result of an infection. Dr. Silk was able to save most of my vision and was, in my opinion, a real miracle worker. I never thought I would ever be able to see anything and he was able to save a considerable amount of my vision. He also explained everything to me in terms I could understand. He was patient and very caring. He followed up with me over the weekend and met me in the office on his day off because of his commitment to my health.

Thank you!"

Tammy Lucas

"I am very happy and satisfied."

"Dr. Silk was very thorough when it comes to examination and treatment. He always made me feel at ease and comfortable. On my first office visit, he knew what kind of treatment I needed. We really didn’t discuss any other option at that time because there was none for me. At the situation I was in, I knew surgery was the only way. As soon as the pre-certification was sent, I went right on it. I didn’t have second thoughts. I immediately put my trust on Dr. Silk, and I didn’t regret it. He helped me get my life back.

I had an excellent experience. What I like most about Dr. Silk is his bedside manner. For me, he’s got a very good one. He made me feel relaxed during and after my procedures. He came and visited me in the recovery room right after surgery to check on me, and made sure I was all right. A gesture (moral support) I needed during those times, especially I didn’t have anybody with me before and after my surgeries. Overall, I am very happy and satisfied with Dr. Silks’ expertise and excellent services. I have found an excellent ophthalmologist and I am very thankful for that. I would not hesitate to recommend him to others."

Ophthalmology Testimonial