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Oculoplastic Testimonials

testi1.jpg"One morning, I awoke to find the area around my eye was swollen, inflamed and painful. I sought help from my primary care provider who over the next 72 hours administered both oral and intramuscular antibiotics. The condition continued to worsen and my physician was unable to make a clear diagnosis. I was then referred to my ophthalmologist who immediately requested advice from Dr. Rajjoub, another ophthalmologist, specializing in oculofacial problems. Without hesitation and without having an appointment, she agreed to examine my eye. Following a comprehensive examination Dr. Rajjoub ordered a CT scan confirmation and later communicated the results to me in a phone conversation. Based on those results, I was admitted to Inova Fairfax Hospital and started IV antibiotic therapy. The following day I found the swelling and pain in and around my eye starting to diminish.

From my first conversation with Dr. Rajjoub I was confident in her abilities and that she would take care of me. She patiently listened to me, answered all of my questions and helped me understand the medical condition of my eye. She described treatment options based on her examination of my eye and test results. I trusted her decisions and recommendations and felt they were in my best interest.

Dr. Lamise Rajjoub is both kind and considerate. She is not only extremely intelligent but also extremely caring and comforting. She is a truly outstanding physician and I am very fortunate to be her patient. Without a doubt I would recommend her to my family and friends."

Oculoplastic Testimonial

"Dr. Rajjoub was fantastic! She is kind, compassionate, and extremely knowledgeable. I am so glad I found her. She is the third eye surgeon I interviewed before having the procedure done, and the only one that finally gave me the confidence to trust her with my eyes. I only wish I had found her earlier and gotten the procedure done years ago. I can see soooo much better now. Thank you Dr. Rajjoub!"

Jeanne Czarnetzky

I visited two ophthalmologists and neither diagnosed by condition. When I found Dr. Rajjoub through my work at the Prince William Chamber, I visited and she was the first who suspected that I could have a more rare form of ocular lymphoma. She conducted the surgical biopsy and knew from the sample that her diagnosis was correct. Dr. Rajjoub tells it like it is and was refreshingly forthcoming & candid when describing my situation and options. Her expertise put me on a path to treatment and recovery. Since then, I've been the target of curiosity for a number of physician offices none of whom were able to diagnose my condition -- with the exception of Dr. Rajjoub! I give her an A+.

Suzanne L.

"Dr. Rajjoub perform corrective surgery on my eyelids and eyebrows due to obscured vision caused by my eyelids sagging into my field of vision. Prior to seeing Dr. Rajjoub, I had a consultation with another plastic surgeon to address the corrective surgery and after the visit I was left with a lack of confidence related to the procedure, approach and results.He made it sound complex with iffy results.

When I went for a consultation with Dr. Rajjoub, she explained her approach to correcting my sagging eyelids that was different than the first consultation, more straight forward (as I had imagined). I was presented all of the pros and cons, of the corrective surgery and she did a great job of explaining the procedure in detail and managing my expectations. In addition, we discussed the options for improving the appearance of scar tissue below each eye. She said that she wold look into alternative (non-surgical) methods being tested to correct the appearance of the scare tissue and get back to me prior to my surgery date. She did get back to me and took the time to explain the progress being made on the non-surgical approach to improving the appearance of scare tissue and why she thought it wasn't a good fit for my situation. When I asked about correcting my eyelids and scare tissue at the same time, she said that the eyelid surgery can cause swelling where the scare tissue is which can have an adverse effect on the stitches correcting the scare tissue. Based on Dr. Rajjoub's advice, I went ahead with the corrective surgery on my eyelids. The one request that I made was that I didn't want my eyebrows and eyelids to look stretched. I wanted them to look natural.

The corrective lid and brow surgery looks GREAT! You cannot tell (other than knowing what I looked like before surgery) that I had work done on my eyes. There was swelling below the eyes that would have had a negative effect on the stitched to correct scare tissue. My follow up appointment is in February and at that time I will schedule surgery the correct the scare tissue below both eyes.

Thank you Dr. Rajjoub!

Christopher Bursenos

"Dr.  Rajjoub and the Staff at Silk Vision is the best. She is the only Ophthalmologist I found who finally figured out what was wrong with me.  Dr. Rajjoub makes you feel at ease and takes the time to explain what she did and what I need to do. I've seen her twice and have never felt hurried. Wonderful experience. If your looking for an Outstanding Ophthalmologist,  look no further, she's the best. To top it off, today she said if I ever have any questions, to call, she is always available.  The staff at Silk Vision is fantastic as well. I have been to the Manassas and Annandale offices.  And for the record, I have seen some doctors (Orthopedic) recently  that make you feel like a "Paycheck" and not a "Patient".  That's the furthest thing you'll feel here. WONFERFUL..."

Scott S.